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090111 Lina Fancam.mp3

[090111] Lina fancam

[090111] Lina fancamsukoshi de ii kara.mp3

[090111] Lina fancam

[090111] Lina fancamDoushite.mp3

[090111] Lina Fancam

[090111] Lina FancamNear~thoughtful・1220~.mp3

100821 SMTOWN'10 Lina Fancam.mp3


Tenjochiki5cm Live @ Graceful Party Vol1 (Lina fancam).mp3

Lina The Grace's VOICE.mp3

090111 stand up people

090111 stand up peopletenjochiki.mp3

[SUB] Tenjochiki

[SUB] TenjochikiMTV Colors (Oct 28).mp3

One More Time Ok.mp3

[SUB] Tenjochiki

[SUB] TenjochikiMTV Colors (Oct 14).mp3

[PV] Tenjochiki

[PV] TenjochikiNear ~thoughtful-1220~.mp3

Tenjochiki- Near ~thoughtful 1220~[PV]

Tenjochiki- Near ~thoughtful 1220~[PV].mp3

[Thaisub] Tenjochiki

[Thaisub] TenjochikiI'll Kiss You.mp3

Rock'n'Roll Star.mp3

100917 ROA short ending Sunday.mp3

CSJH-Doushite [FULL]

CSJH-Doushite [FULL].mp3

[Thaisub] Lina (CSJH)

[Thaisub] Lina (CSJH)Hurt.mp3

[CSSK] 5cm (Engsub + Vietsub).mp3

[Incomplete] Tenjochiki

[Incomplete] TenjochikiDear (Previews).mp3

Hot Mail_Smtown.mp3

070506 天上智喜

070506 天上智喜One More Time OK ○ 人氣歌謠.mp3

[SUB] Tenjochiki

[SUB] TenjochikiMTV Colors (Nov 4).mp3


BoyfriendI'll be there.mp3

CSJH stand up people.mp3

[SUB] Tenjochiki

[SUB] TenjochikiMTV Colors (Oct 07) (Cut).mp3

feliz navidad Tenjo Chiki CSJH.mp3

CSJH The Grace [Tenjochiki]

CSJH The Grace [Tenjochiki]A Little Bit Of Good .mp3

[SUB] Tenjochiki

[SUB] TenjochikiM! Countdown in Japan -- Backstage Pass.mp3

061214 Baek Ji Young feat Brian.mp3

[HD] Fancam 2011 Korean Music Festival

[HD] Fancam 2011 Korean Music FestivalGNA Black and White.mp3


TenjochikiNear ~thoughtful・1220~ (Preview).mp3

[CSSK] I'll Kiss You (Engsub + Vietsub).mp3

[PREV] Tenjochiki

[PREV] TenjochikiSukoshi de ii dakara (A bit of good).mp3



DOUSHITE KOUSHITE ~acoustic~.mp3

All I want for Christmas is you Tenjo Chiki CSJH.mp3

CSJH the Grace_Your Smile Live w/ Lirics.mp3


TenjochikiBoomerang [Rhythm Nation '06] (MR Removed).mp3

天上智喜_Too Good.mp3

[PV] Tenjochiki

[PV] TenjochikiBoomerang.mp3

[SUB] Tenjochiki

[SUB] TenjochikiMTV Colors (Oct 21).mp3


CSJHOne More TIme OK? [HD].mp3

SMtown Tokyo スペシャルコンサート ~ Dana and Sunday ~ CSJH.mp3

[CSJH] (Perf) A-Nation 2008

[CSJH] (Perf) A-Nation 2008Stand Up People.mp3


TenjochikiDear (Previews).mp3

[Dubulee Vietsub] 101007 SHINee Onew Star Call.mp3


TenjochikiSweet flower @ Graceful Party.mp3

[Audio] Tenjochiki

[Audio] TenjochikiNear ~thoughtful・1220~.mp3